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Why opt for Italian Universities for English Courses?

Italy offers excellent higher education at nominal tuition fees. Hence, it is a prominent ambition among international students. The country is not only the fashion hub but also an educational hub. There is a steady rise in the number of international students enrolling in italian universities

What is so attractive about studying in Italy?

Some of the universities in Europe were established in Italy as early as in the Middle Ages. In the present scenario, Italy hosts many esteemed institutions. It is found that they perform so well in the QS World University Rankings that Italian Universities appear in the top 200 every year.

Italy is home to almost 100 universities such as:

  • State universities
  • Publicly funded universities
  • Private universities
  • Superior Graduate Schools

Other than these, approximately 150 higher education institutions specialize in dance, art, music, etc.

Thanks to the integration of education happening worldwide, that english courses in various fields are being offered by the Italian universities like:

  • Designing
  • Fashion Technology
  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  • Urban Planning and Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Systems)
  • Business Administration and Economics
  • Bioinformatics and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Sciences

Life in Italy:

Italy is a very happening place, a life full of enthusiasm and innovation. Its rich history and culture are such that you will also get impressed by its colorful life. So staying here among vibrant people will certainly add-on to your educational goals.

Cost of Studying and Living:

Firstly, the cost of studying is on the lower side as compared to other parts of Europe and North America. This cost can be easily met with the scholarships offered by the universities of Italy (government and private) for English courses.

Once the scholarship is attained, it will be sufficient enough to take care of your tuition fees, monthly expenditure, and health care expenses. Then only administrative fees are left to be paid, which is extremely reasonable. One should not hesitate to apply for these scholarships.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships under the Cultural Exchange Programme to encourage the bright and young students to enrol more and more for the English courses in Italy.

The cost of living varies with the town you are studying in. For instance, Milan, Rome and Venice being on the higher side of the cost of living index. Whereas, Catania and Palermo are towards the lower side.

Italy has had continuing leadership in higher education in English courses. The citations of research per faculty member are noticeably high among the world universities. The infrastructure in the universities of Italy is unparalleled in the world.

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