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The Aspect of Survey and Research work in Education

The education system around the world has changed significantly over the years. The old-school methods of teaching no longer exist as students believe in e-learning. Participating in practical field research and programs is the current trend in the education industry. This not only helps the students to learn about a particular topic more effectively but also keeps the interest alive.

The aspect of research and survey is not only limited to students, as the survey maker may also be from a professional business organization. Corporate firms tend to conduct market research in order to get a better idea of their target audience before the launch of a particular product or service. This helps the concerned firm to grow and develop in the long run as the data collected is utilized efficiently to improve the operation of the corporation.

No longer are classes boring as students look forward to attending a lecture with the incorporation of interactive learning techniques. One such innovative method of learning is by taking part in a field survey. Here, students are required to obtain data from a random set population. The data collected is then analyzed and scrutinized to bring about a specific hypothesis about the behaviour of the target population.

However, the overall aspect of collecting, recording and analyzing the data is more complicated than it sounds. So what are the primary limitations faced by the students when it comes to conducting a survey and collecting data? Let us find out:

  • Irrelevant Data: Selecting random samples has its drawbacks. The primary one being that the audience might not have the required knowledge about a specific subject. This may result in poor data collection which may affect the outcome of the research. Therefore the survey maker must be very cautious about this fact as it may disrupt the entire flow of the research.


  • Time-Consuming: The entire process can time consuming as numerous observations are to be recorded and analyzed in order to come to a conclusion. This, in turn, may increase the frustration level of the students if the desired outcome is not achieved.
  • Inexperience in Handling the Analytical Software:  In order to convert the data into analytical figures, the survey maker must demonstrate expertise in using specific software which interprets the data and represents it the form of graphs and figures. Being proficient in this field requires practice and knowledge which can prove to be challenging for the survey maker.



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