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Knolyx: The best way to achieve a Better Learning experience.

Knolyx is a cloud-based learning experience platform. When starting a company and recruiting fresh faces, one has to train the employees so that they carry out the work efficiently. The company employee must know thoroughly about the department he is working in and must be able to keep up his work. Now, this task gets hard for any team leader, where he has to face fresh faces and train them properly. Here is where Knolyx gets in. Knolyx is a great learning experience platform. It curates online and offline training courses for company employees, or partners and customers.

This is unique software that allows the users to upload training videos and many such things they think their employees must learn. One can upload existing course videos, presentations or one can also create new training materials and also allow interactive training. With all these features, Knolyx originally has a number of training materials stored. So if you don’t have the required training materials, you can get it from the Knolyx marketplace.

Different kinds of learning processes or paths for students can be designed and made available online or offline. A reward system can also be included. Including challenges in completing tasks can encourage the students to participate. You can create a knowledge base of your company on Knolyx that is easy to comprehend.

When in a company, apart from the company and formal atmosphere, there also has to be informal communication between the students. Knolyx allows creating this by creating study groups. Customized emails and notifications can be sent automatically.  As Knolyx is a learning experience platform, which allows interaction, students also have a role to play apart from just learning. Students can thus provide their feedback on the training materials or the videos provided. And if they think that the given training is not enough, they can request for more training sessions. Also, if they wish to explore any new areas, they can always request information on that arena.

To check students’ progress, theoretical and practical assessment tasks can be created. This will allow the company to know more and in detail about the employee’s progress.

Following are the key features of Knolyx:

  • Learning Paths.
  • Content Creation.
  • Online and Offline classes.
  • Assessment Management.
  • Learner Challenges.
  • Study Groups.
  • Course reviews and Feedback.
  • Course Requests.
  • Progress and Performance Management.
  •  Finance Management.
  • Student Groups and Departments.

So this learning experience platform comes with a lot of benefits. The foremost being that you can upload the course material, and if it is not available with you, you can always buy it from the Knolyx marketplace and make it available.  With cross-device availability of training materials, online and offline learning can be managed. You can track the progress and performance of the students, and also give them customized completion certificates. The students can learn everything you want them to and also request for new information if they wish to.

So, if you are looking to excel in your career and academic life, then platforms like Knolyx can be very handy.

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