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How writing Influences Creativity and Learning?

Reading and writing are the two most basic and essential pillars of the concept of learning. If you are into reading books only, your speaking skills and oratory will undoubtedly get improved. But you may not be able to write that well, because there is a difference between spoken language and written language. So if you want to ensure that your child is well versed in the things which determine the communication skills of an individual, you must start inculcating the habit of writing as well as reading in them. What you teach them when they are young, has always proven to show an impact in their future at one point or the other.

That’s what the people who are keenly interested in publishing have done in their childhood or at any time in their life, have at least gone through the phase where everything was about writing and reading.  

How does it help?

  • You learn the correct usage of words, and with the correction at every step, you become perfect. A time comes when you attain fluency in writing as well as reading.
  • You adapt to inevitable changes as well. In a different state of mind, you will find yourself expressing your feelings in very different words. Hence, reading enhances your creativity by enabling you to share your thoughts.
  • The habit of writing will always make you learn new things. Learning is synonymous to taking a step further in your life. It can be done at any stage irrespective of your age.

As far as being productive is concerned, you must add your personal touch to it and that is where creativity comes in: the use of imagination and the concept of adding your ideas to the existing theories.

Publishing your ideas or viewpoints on a specific topic is a fundamental practice in which a lot of people are involved. Their practice of continuous reading and writing has made them capable of becoming an expert in the field.  

The idea behind the circulation of articles on any general topic is that the public takes up that topic in their day-to-day lives and start discussing over it. It can make them understand various critical facts related to the subject. So if you want to have a secondary job in your life as a writer to make your views reach the general audience, you must start writing and reading on a regular basis.

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